Quantum Diamond Sensors Could Give Us a New Look Inside Our Bodies

But first, let’s understand what is Quantum Computing and how will it change the world! Here’s how:

Back to our bodies, here is how Quantum sensors may soon be able to detect subatomic interactions inside the cells in your body: Continue reading “Quantum Diamond Sensors Could Give Us a New Look Inside Our Bodies”


Could Climate Change Destroy the Bloody Mary? “The entire global food system is a nightmare on the horizon”

Germany lacks plan in case of alien contact | How about you, do you have a plan?

Two MIT students just solved Richard Feynman’s famed physics puzzle

A 16-year-old Australian with a passion for Apple managed to hack an Apple server, stealing some 90GB of secure files and accessing customer accounts in the process

NASA identifies ‘foreign object debris’ spotted by Mars rover as a very thin flake of rock, so we can all rest easy tonight

How to keep your brain sharp as you get older

Physicists Ignite Beef Over What Happens When You Fall Into a Black Hole

Hackers can use your voicemail to take over your online accounts

Organic solar cells set ‘remarkable’ energy record

Fly single-handedly ruined #domino world record attempt

Flight Tests to Prove Commercial Systems Fit for Human Spaceflight

New Study Shows #Spiders Can Now Fly

Avoid these foods due to outbreaks and recalls

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Genius Way To Sell Bananas

This Supermarket’s Way of Selling Bananas is Pure Genius.

Whoever came up with this needs to be promoted.

E-mart in Korea is now selling the “One a Day Banana” pack, but each is at a different stage of ripeness.

This idea creates less waste. Customers might even be willing to pay more in order to not loathe themselves for buying bananas that will go off.

How Everything in Physics Fits Together – Map

Unless you have an innate knowledge of physics, it’s pretty hard to figure out how all the concepts and theories fit together

Physics is a huge, complex field. It also happens to be one of the most fascinating, dealing with everything from black holes and wormholes to quantum teleportation and gravitational waves.

But unless you have an innate knowledge of the field, it’s pretty hard to figure out how all these concepts actually fit together.

After all, everyone is constantly trying to prove Einstein wrong, and Stephen Hawking famously struggled to come up with a ‘theory of everything’, so it’s easy to get confused about how things do actually fit together in physics (if at all).

YouTuber Dominic Walliman has created a map that shows how the many branches of physics link together, from the earliest days of classical physics and Isaac Newton, all the way through to Einstein’s relativity and quantum physics (with a little bit of philosophy thrown in there for good measure). Continue reading “How Everything in Physics Fits Together – Map”

How to get to the sun?

The first space exploration to study a star up close

If all goes according to plan, starting around 3:30 am Eastern on Saturday, NASA will launch the Parker Probe from Cape Canaveral, Florida. If you’re game to stay up that late, check out the live stream of the launch below (or check back during daylight hours for a replay).

After launch, the probe will make its first pass of the sun in about three months. But it will actually take around seven years to dip down within 4 million miles of the solar surface and get a super-close look at the corona. (The corona extends outward about 5 million miles from the surface.) During those seven years, the Parker Probe will make use of Venus’s gravity to alter its orbit, gradually getting closer and closer to the sun.  Continue reading “How to get to the sun?”

Gorgeous and Terrifying Ocean Wave Swallows Up A Ship

​One of the scary things about the ocean is that you can see its biggest waves coming from hundreds of feet away. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Eventually, they’re going to come and soak your ship.

Continue reading “Gorgeous and Terrifying Ocean Wave Swallows Up A Ship”

Uncover Narwhal Secrets

Millions of nerve endings in the tusk that suggest it’s a sophisticated sensor

The narwhal is famous for the long ivory tusk that spirals up to 9 feet forward from its face.

Research supported by WWF has revealed some amazing things – like millions of nerve endings in the tusk that suggest it’s a sophisticated sensor. Now new research shows narwhals appearing to use their tusks for a purpose never before documented. Continue reading “Uncover Narwhal Secrets”

The World’s First Digital Art Museum

The first dedicated digital art museum in the world – a 107,000-square-foot venue recently opened in Tokyo.

Is it art? Intended as a social media spectacle? A technology showcase? An interactive museum? The Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless seems all these things at once, and for better and worse, likely a precursor to a wave of exhibitions catering to the public’s demand for experiences worthy of a “like”. Continue reading “The World’s First Digital Art Museum”

The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth – The Bacteriophage

A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don’t even notice. This war involves the single deadliest being on our planet: The Bacteriophage.

Source: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Mars Terraforming Not Possible Using Present-Day Technology

There is not enough CO2 remaining on Mars to provide significant greenhouse warming were the gas to be put into the atmosphere

Mars does not retain enough carbon dioxide that could practically be put back into the atmosphere to warm Mars, according to a new NASA-sponsored study. Transforming the inhospitable Martian environment into a place astronauts could explore without life support is not possible without technology well beyond today’s capabilities. Continue reading “Mars Terraforming Not Possible Using Present-Day Technology”

Adidas Futurecraft 4D starts a new era of 3D-printed shoes

Using Digital Light Synthesis, Adidas plans to ship more than 100,000 pairs of 3D-printed shoes by the end of 2018

Adidas is back with another sneaker based on a 3D-printed midsole, but this time the company says it’s moving even closer to mass production. The Futurecraft 4D shoe will be the first one using Carbon’s “Digital Light Synthesis” process. Continue reading “Adidas Futurecraft 4D starts a new era of 3D-printed shoes”

How many calories is that human? A nutritional guide for prehistoric cannibals

Early humans ate each other — but why?

If you were to eat, say, another human being, how many calories would you be taking in? That’s a valid question not only for health-conscious people, but for anthropologists, too. You see, our human ancestors were cannibals — but we don’t really know why. Did they kill and eat each other like they would a mammoth or a wholly rhino — for the meat? Or were they practicing some sort of religious ritual? Continue reading “How many calories is that human? A nutritional guide for prehistoric cannibals”

Testosterone Is Killing Men

Men Don’t Live As Long As Women, Because They’re Men

There’s plenty of nuance to be had in Richard G. Bribiescas’s examination of the discrepancy of average lifespans between women and men. But really, it’s largely because young men die at higher rates than young women.

Bribiescas lays this all at the feet of testosterone and natural selection. You see, the two have an interesting relationship. Given how reproduction works, natural selection doesn’t really care about how old you can live. It favors those who can pass on their genes, not so much those who live to see their genes pass on their genes. Testosterone, generally, makes you thin and strong and encourages risky behavior — all qualities that, well, lend themselves to passing genes on. Continue reading “Testosterone Is Killing Men”

Earth Overshoot Day: As Of Aug 8Th, The World Has Used A Year’s Worth Of Resources

Earth Overshoot Day

Our reserves are being depleted faster than they can be built back up.

August 8th 2016, according to the environmental think tank the Global Footprint Network, is Earth Overshoot Day the day that we’ve used up as many natural resources as we can replenish in a single year. Continue reading “Earth Overshoot Day: As Of Aug 8Th, The World Has Used A Year’s Worth Of Resources”