What Happens To A Bowling Ball Under A Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press Channel is back again with one of his ‘fun’ tests

This time, he tested a bowling ball (and a less interesting bowling pin) with his hydraulic press machine. Watch the glorious explosion:

Don’t miss to watch if you can fold a paper more than 7 times with hydraulic press.

Watch 6000 Match Fire Domino

Keep watching (maybe you want to speed it x2) as HTD keeps filming the matches burn and wilt into a pile of kelp-and-licorice-looking husks.

Make Cocktails Look Appetizing With Some Clear Ice

Who said that you can’t have a beautiful clear-around ice in your drink ?

This video is proof that you can.

Robots Are Learning To Jog And It Is Terrifying


Two-legged robots, AMBER Labs have decided to make their human-like android do a very human like thing: jog – and yeah, it is terrifying to watch.

AMBER-Lab via Popular Mechanics