Beautiful drone footage of salmon migration

Fly high above Lake Iliamna, Alaska, following the crew of the Alaska Salmon Program as they conduct sockeye salmon surveys during one of the largest migrations in recent history.

Land of the Giants

Anthropomorphic Landscapes (17th Century)

Back in the in 17th century, landscape was principally used as a scene-setting backdrop for figurative art. It seemed as if landscape was nothing without a human narrative.

These pictures generally depicted a face hidden within the landscape–as if suggesting the land’s significance was shaped by how humans used it.

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‘Emirates and Flydubai crews extremely fatigued’: Exhausted pilots tell RT

Following the Flydubai scandal, pilots with Emirates Airline, the largest in the Middle East, told RT that the company is allegedly cheating on pilot schedules by illegally prolonging work hours and intimidating them from reporting feeling sick or tired.

Eating Right Can Save the World

how do you figure out the most sustainable diet?
Fueling up should be healthy for you—and the planet. But how do you figure out the most sustainable diet? Photo: Hannah McCaughey , Sang An

Most of us are aware that our food choices have environmental consequences. (Who hasn’t heard about the methane back draft from cows?) But when it comes to the specifics of why our decisions matter, we’re at a loss, bombarded with confusing choices in the grocery-store aisles about what to buy if we care about planetary health. Are organic fruits and vegetables really worth the higher prices, and are they better for the environment? If I’m a meat eater, should I opt for free-range, grass-fed beef? Is it OK to buy a pineapple flown in from Costa Rica, or should I eat only locally grown apples?

But the simple goal of a healthy, sustainable diet seem hopelessly complex.

Lincoln Navigator Concept

A massive, luxurious land yacht

A massive beast of an SUV, which is meant to give us a good idea of what the next-generation Navigator will look like. (Via: The Verge)