Live Blog: War in Juba, South Sudan

South Sudan was plagued with a civil war in 2013 which killed tens of thousands and displaced two million people. Hope recent clashes in Juba won’t open doors for a new civil war.

Juba – South Sudan clashes follow days of fighting between supporters of President Salva Kiir and Vice-President Riek Machar.

Both men have said they did not know what had triggered the latest violence between their factions.

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Arab ranks in global press freedom

2016 World Press Freedom Index, released yesterday by Reporters Without Borders’

Really embarrassing! Or are we?

Here is the “Arab League” ranks (best to worst):

Country/Rank (out of 180)

1. Mauritania – 48
2. Comores – 50
3. Tunisia – 96
4. Lebanon – 98
5. Kuwait – 103
6. Qatar – 117
7. UAE – 119
8. Oman – 125
9. Algeria – 129
10. Morocco – 131
11. Palestine -132
12. Jordan – 135
13. Iraq -158
14. Egypt – 159
15. Bahrain – 162
16. Libya – 164
17. Saudi Arabia – 165
18. Somalia – 167
19. Yemen – 170
20. Djibouti – 172
21. Sudan – 174
22. Syria – 177

Really Good Job Mauritania and Comores!

Who is worse? Well, at the bottom of the list we have Uzbekistan – 166, Equatorial Guinea – 168, Iran – 169, Laos – 173, Vietnam – 175, China – 176, Turkmenistan – 178, North Korea – 179 and the “winner” is Eritrea – 180.

But more interestingly is who scored better than the Arab League? While most of the countries are from Europe, and putting Mauritania and Comores aside (being among top 50), your jaw will drop when you come to know that Namibia, Uruguay, Surinam, Ghana, Samoa, Burkina Faso, Botswana, Niger, Haïti, Madagascar and Guyana are among the top 60.

The U.S. is ranked at 41. In fact, Uruguay, Namibia, Samoa, Ghana, and South Africa all offer a greater “level of freedom of information” than the United States (and the so called “Only Democracy in the Middle East”, THE Occupation State of Israel – ranked 101).

Source: Reporters Without Borders’ 2016 World Press Freedom Index

Posing For A Selfie With EgyptAir Hijacker. Seriously?!

The 26-year-old British health and safety auditor describes why he posed for picture while held hostage on flight MS181

EgyptAir #MS181 hijacker
Ben Innes from #Aberdeen poses for a picture with #EgyptAir #MS181 hijacker

Ben Innes says he posed smiling for a photo with a hijacker on board an EgyptAir flight to take “a closer look” at the apparent explosives belt, adding: “I figured if his bomb was real I’d nothing to lose anyway.”

I think not only Mustafa (the hijacker) is an idiot, this guy, Ben is an idiot too.

New Zealand votes to keep British flag

New Zealand votes to keep the British flag
New Zealand votes to keep British flag in their flag

The outcome was close, with just 56.61% of people voting against change. In his tweet, pro-change Prime Minister John Key asked NZers to be proud of it:

More than two million ballots were sent in and from fairly early on it appeared the status quo was leading the way. One telephone survey in late March, however, found 59% of people condemned the whole NZ$23m ($17.4m; £12.3m) process as “a distraction and a waste of money”. The result on 24 March was close: 1,200,003 for no change, 915,008 for change. (Source: BBC)

Where are the world’s happiest countries?


Denmark and Switzerland were closely followed by Iceland, Norway and Finland, according to the World Happiness Report Update 2016.

As for the Arab world, no surprises:

28. United Arab Emirates
34. Saudi Arabia
36. Qatar
38. Algeria
41. Kuwait
42. Bahrain
67. Libya
76. Somalia
80. Jordan
90. Morocco
93. Lebanon
98. Tunisia
108. Palestine (Occupation state of Israel rank 11)
112. Iraq
120. Egypt
130. Mauritania
133. Sudan
147. Yemen
156. Syria

Remove Hijab for SXSW

Meet Ibtihaj Muhammad, the history-making Olympian who called out SXSW for telling her to remove her hijab at #SXSW2016.

Now 30, Muhammad is set to be the first U.S. athlete to compete in the Olympics while wearing a hijab. And while competitors in other sports have had to fight to be able to dress according to their religion … Muhammad deftly worked her way up the international fencing rankings without having to defend the way she dresses.

Which is why an incident at South by Southwest, where she was due to speak on a panel Saturday evening, was so frustrating.

Muhammad said that she explained to the volunteer that she wore the scarf for religious reasons, but he insisted she could not wear it for her ID photo.

Eventually, she was issued a badge, that showed her in her scarf — but it had the wrong name.

South by Southwest later apologized for the incident.

Source: WP

Man Pees On Kellogg’s Assembly Line

FDA investigates video of Kellogg’s worker relieving self on food. The video recorded in 2014 shows a man urinating on cereal coming off the factory assembly line, and Kellogg’s says Rice Krispies Treats were potentially affected.