Supersonic Nuclear Powered Airliner

A supersonic airliner that flies at three times the speed of sound – and runs on nuclear fusion.

The Flash Falcon is too ambitious a design to fly with today’s technology. But aviation history is littered with achievements once thought impossible. Nuclear fusion might, one day, join them. Continue reading “Supersonic Nuclear Powered Airliner”

The Rolls-Royce 103Ex – Stunning Futuristic Unveiling Concept Car

British heritage brand Rolls-Royce is entering the autonomous vehicle fray with a stunning futuristic unveiling – the Rolls-Royce 103EX – a concept embodiment of the luxury company’s vision of what the next 100 years of road travel will look like. Continue reading “The Rolls-Royce 103Ex – Stunning Futuristic Unveiling Concept Car”

More evidence that male and female brains are wired differently

While measuring brain activity with magnetic resonance imaging during blood pressure trials, researchers found that men and women had opposite responses in the right front of the insular cortex, a part of the brain integral to the experience of emotions, blood pressure control and self-awareness.

While measuring brain activity with magnetic resonance imaging during blood pressure trials, UCLA researchers found that men and women had opposite responses in the right front of the insular cortex, a part of the brain integral to the experience of emotions, blood pressure control and self-awareness.

The insular cortex has five main parts called gyri serving different roles. The researchers found that the blood pressure response in the front right gyrus showed an opposite pattern in men and women, with men showing a greater right-sided activation in the area while the women showed a lower response. Continue reading “More evidence that male and female brains are wired differently”

A UFO Is Closing in on Earth and NASA Is Covering It Up, According to YouTubers

Open your eyes, sheeple.​

One of the nice things NASA does is stream live footage from the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth 16 times a day. It’s pretty calming stuff—until a UFO enters the picture. Then all bets are off.

On July 9, NASA was streaming footage from the ISS when YouTuber Streetcap1 spotted something (aliens? probably aliens) entering the Earth’s atmosphere. But as the object (again, almost 100 percent aliens) nears our planet, the NASA feed cut out. While Streetcap1 points out it could be a meteor, we’ve seen Independence Day. We know what’s up. You can see the video below:

That video was quickly picked up by dozens of other YouTube channels. Soon, extremely reputable sources of scientific journalism such as were quickly on the case, with stories like SHOCK ALIEN CLAIM: ‘NASA cuts the ISS live feed moments after UFO appears.’

NASA has been accused of a ccover-up of the existence of aliens after its video live feed of the International Space Station (ISS) apparently went off just as a UFO appeared to be entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Curious as to why NASA would cover up such obvious evidence of an impending alien attack, the answers was:

“We have never seen UFOs in the popular sense,” said a NASA spokesperson, after a long, deep sigh. “The feed in question is the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment. Anytime the ISS has a signal, that feed is sending down video.”

But when the High Definition Earth Viewing system loses signal, the video stream goes dark. “The feed is not switched manually,” said the spokesperson. “It’s all done automatically. There’s nobody at a control board.

Source: Popular Mechanics

Live Blog: War in Juba, South Sudan

South Sudan was plagued with a civil war in 2013 which killed tens of thousands and displaced two million people. Hope recent clashes in Juba won’t open doors for a new civil war.

Juba – South Sudan clashes follow days of fighting between supporters of President Salva Kiir and Vice-President Riek Machar.

Both men have said they did not know what had triggered the latest violence between their factions.

Live blog and news from Juba: Continue reading “Live Blog: War in Juba, South Sudan”

What Happened Before History? Human Origins

Humans. We have been around for a while now. When we think about our past we think about ancient civilizations, the pyramids, stuff like that. But this is only a tiny, tiny part of our history.


WATCH: A Pianist Play A Heartbreaking Funeral Song For The Arctic


Through his music, acclaimed Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi has added his voice to those of eight million people from across the world demanding protection for the Arctic. Einaudi performed one of his own compositions on a floating platform in the middle of the Ocean, against the backdrop of the Wahlenbergbreen glacier (in Svalbard, Norway).

Einaudi performed a heartbreaking “Elegy For The Arctic”, an original composition designed to raise awareness about climate change in the fragile, frigid region as a way of supporting Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign.

The campaign is currently encouraging government representatives at this week’s meeting of the OSPAR Commission to set up a protected area in international Arctic waters about the size of the UK. The OSPAR commission is a group of 15 European governments that is set up to protect the environment in the waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic.


Source: Popular Science

Microsoft To Shut Down Sunrise; The Best Calendar App

It’s not every day when your calendar app breaks up with you. And it doesn’t get any easier even if you’ve gone through this before… 😔

The popular calendar app, which Microsoft bought in 2015 for a reported $100 million, is shutting down and will be removed from the app stores in the next few days. On August 31st, they’ll officially shut down the app and it will stop working all together; the company announced on its blog Wednesday. Microsoft revealed last year that it was planning to merge its Outlook and Sunrise apps into a single app. (Outlook is not that bad!)

Don’t PANIC! Let’s explore some excellent alternatives:

  • Google Calendar (my fav.) is pretty fantastic these days (see Goals update)
  • Fantastical won Apple’s Design Award in 2015 (paid app)
  • Plan is sort of a list + calendar hybrid (that looks pretty tempting to try)
  • Rolo Calendar is a calendar for people who don’t use calendars 🙃

So, there you have it!

How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity

Is there a border we will never cross? Are there places we will never be able to reach, no matter what? It turns out there are. Far, far more than you might have thought…

Here Comes Hyperloop One: The $80 Million Startup

Hyperloop Tech prepares for historic public test

The concept of the Hyperloop belongs, of course, to Elon Musk. As if being the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, as well as the chairman of Solar City and a cofounder of PayPal, wasn’t enough, Musk in 2013 sent shockwaves through the tech world by introducing his idea for the Hyperloop, “a fifth mode after planes, trains, cars, and boats” based on a “low pressure tube with capsules that are transported at both low and high speeds throughout the length of the tube [and which are] supported on a cushion of air, featuring pressurized air and aerodynamic lift.”

Continue reading “Here Comes Hyperloop One: The $80 Million Startup”

Visualizing Music

If You Could See It, This Is What Music Would Look Like

What happens when an oscilloscope measures a funky techno beat?

Jerobeam Fenderson

The Brain Dictionary

Where exactly are the words in your head?

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was used to measure brain activity in seven people while they listened to more than 2 hours of stories from The Moth Radio Hour. This data was used to estimate voxel-wise models that predict brain activity in each voxel (volumetric pixel) based on the meaning of the words in the stories. Read the paper describing this research here.

Scientists have created an interactive map showing which brain areas respond to hearing different words. The map reveals how language is spread throughout the cortex and across both hemispheres, showing groups of words clustered together by meaning. The beautiful interactive model allows us to explore the complex organisation of the enormous dictionaries in our heads.

Explore the brain model for yourself here.

Read the paper here.

Why It’s Illegal To Know This Long Number

85650789657397829 + 1402 more digits is an illegal number. To understand why this is, we need to learn a little bit of cryptology, a little bit of math, and a little bit of programming.


Breathtaking Footage Of The World’s Highest Waterfall

Angel Falls is a waterfall in Venezuela. It is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 metres and a plunge of 807 metres.

Jermaín Odremán