Quantum Diamond Sensors Could Give Us a New Look Inside Our Bodies

But first, let’s understand what is Quantum Computing and how will it change the world! Here’s how:

Back to our bodies, here is how Quantum sensors may soon be able to detect subatomic interactions inside the cells in your body:

Quantum physics gets attention—and brighter funding prospects—in Congress

“In the coming weeks, the science committee of the House of Representatives is expected to introduce legislation calling for a new, 10-year-long National Quantum Initiative (NQI). The White House, for its part, is scheduled to formally launch a new panel that will guide the federal government’s role in quantum science.”

When shallow defects align, diamonds shine for unprecedented quantum sensitivity

“Imagine a sensor so sensitive it can detect changes in the proton concentration of a single protein, within a single cell. This level of insight would reveal elusive quantum-scale dynamics of that protein’s function, potentially even in real time, but demands a sensor with controllable features at a similar scale.”

Scientists pump up chances for quantum computing

“An international team has developed a ground-breaking single-electron “pump”. The electron pump device developed by the researchers can produce one billion electrons per second and uses quantum mechanics to control them one-by-one. And it’s so precise they have been able to use this device to measure the limitations of current electronics equipment.”