Supersonic Nuclear Powered Airliner

A supersonic airliner that flies at three times the speed of sound – and runs on nuclear fusion.

The Flash Falcon is too ambitious a design to fly with today’s technology. But aviation history is littered with achievements once thought impossible. Nuclear fusion might, one day, join them.

Oscar Viñals in a conceptual artist freed from such constraints, and his vision of a supersonic, nuclear-powered airliner is exists as a sort of beautiful, high-tech dream.

Here’s how Viñals describes his project:

The “FF” Flash Falcon design is based in a deep study of today’s and upcoming technologies and future theoretical advances. This airplane’s design is the last one of a trilogy (Sky Whale, Progress Eagle & Flash Falcon) about how the future airliners could be. This airplane would belong to an hypothetical generation that would be equipped with a technology based on Fusion Energy (the future GREEN ENERGY), which today can only be found under development, but in the next fifteen years it could become a feasible reality, capable to generate great amounts of Electric Energy without the use of “contaminant” materials.





Source: BBC