James Webb Telescope: The largest science project in US government history

Precision? The Webb can detect heat generated by a bumblebee as far away as the Moon.

James Webb Space Telescope
The James Webb Space Telescope as it will appear in orbit. Photo: NASA

There is much information about the Universe that is invisible even to the Hubble Space Telescope—and that’s where NASA’s much hyped, two-decades-in-the-making, $8.8 billion-plus James Webb Telescope comes in. The Webb Telescope being built by NASA and its partners is a more direct successor to the Spitzer Telescope rather than the Hubble. In short, the Webb will open up a whole new world of infrared astronomy when it launches in 2018. The telescope will be able to capture images of the very first stars and galaxies, formed only 200 million years after the Big Bang.

Source: Ars Technic