Quantum Diamond Sensors Could Give Us a New Look Inside Our Bodies

But first, let’s understand what is Quantum Computing and how will it change the world! Here’s how:

Back to our bodies, here is how Quantum sensors may soon be able to detect subatomic interactions inside the cells in your body: Continue reading “Quantum Diamond Sensors Could Give Us a New Look Inside Our Bodies”

Bodily Heatmaps Of Emotions

Bodily Heatmaps Of Emotions
Bodily topography of basic (Upper) and nonbasic (Lower) emotions associated with words. The body maps show regions whose activation increased (warm colors) or decreased (cool colors) when feeling each emotion.

Emotions are often felt in the body, and somatosensory feedback has been proposed to trigger conscious emotional experiences. The heatmaps reveal bodily sensations associated with different emotions using a unique topographical self-report method. The participants were shown two silhouettes of bodies alongside emotional words, stories, movies, or facial expressions. They were asked to color the bodily regions whose activity they felt increasing or decreasing while viewing each stimulus. Different emotions were consistently associated with statistically separable bodily sensation maps across experiments. These maps were concordant across West European and East Asian samples.

The full reaserch can be found at PNAS