The Rolls-Royce 103Ex – Stunning Futuristic Unveiling Concept Car

British heritage brand Rolls-Royce is entering the autonomous vehicle fray with a stunning futuristic unveiling – the Rolls-Royce 103EX – a concept embodiment of the luxury company’s vision of what the next 100 years of road travel will look like. Continue reading “The Rolls-Royce 103Ex – Stunning Futuristic Unveiling Concept Car”

Curved/Labs’ Concept Restores Apple’s Egg-Shaped iMac

With Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) slated for June 13, 2016, Curved/labs asked themselves: What if Apple focused on the educational market with a desktop computer?

The following video introduce Apple concepts created by the team at Curved/labs:


Strandbeests: Incredible Kinetic Sculptures Powered by the Wind

Most probably, you haven’t seen anything like this before

Dutch artist and inventor Theo Jansen has created something truly incredible. His kinetic sculptures, called “Strandbeests,” or beach beasts, are huge skeletal constructs that are designed to move powered solely by the energy of the sea breeze.


The Strandbeests are made from ordinary plastic tubes and move without the use of electronics. The artist has also equipped his beasts with recycled plastic bottles, valves and pumps.

Via: The Mind Unleashed

Warka Water tower that pulls drinking water from thin air

A brilliant design wins World Design Impact Prize

Warka Water
Warka Water

Designed by Arturo Vittori and his Italian studio Architecture and Vision, Warka Water is a water-catchment system that produces potable water by harvesting rain, fog, and dew. The team took design cues from naturally found forms, like termite hives and cactus spines, and combined them with low-cost, locally found materials to create the sculptural and biomimetic tower. A Warka Water structure comprises a bamboo frame, recyclable mesh, rope, canopy, and a water tank, and can be assembled easily and inexpensively by six people in about four days.

Via: Inhabitat

Lincoln Navigator Concept

A massive, luxurious land yacht

A massive beast of an SUV, which is meant to give us a good idea of what the next-generation Navigator will look like. (Via: The Verge)