Earth Overshoot Day: As Of Aug 8Th, The World Has Used A Year’s Worth Of Resources

Earth Overshoot Day

Our reserves are being depleted faster than they can be built back up.

August 8th 2016, according to the environmental think tank the Global Footprint Network, is Earth Overshoot Day the day that we’ve used up as many natural resources as we can replenish in a single year. Continue reading “Earth Overshoot Day: As Of Aug 8Th, The World Has Used A Year’s Worth Of Resources”

The Northernmost Town on Earth

Way up north on the Norwegian Longyearbyen on Svalbard is the northernmost settlement on earth with over 1000 residents. It is only 1300 kilometers south of the North Pole.

Opened by the Norwegian Government in February 2008, this town host the world’s largest secure seed storage. From all across the globe, crates of seeds are sent here for safe and secure long-term storage in cold and dry rock vaults.


A Newly Discovered Triple Sun Planet

How would the skies look like?

That triple-solar view isn’t the only weird thing you’d see happen overhead.

Astronomical Journal published the details of the discovery of this triple sun planet. Gizmodo talked with lead author of the paper Jason Eastman of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He sketched out a timeline for what that might look like, both over a few days or thousands of years:

You’d see the primary star about the size of your outstretched, splayed hand (about 40x the apparent size of our Sun). Your year and day would be the same: 3 Earth days, which means half of planet would be in continuous daylight and the other half would be in continuous darkness.

You’d also see two points of light about 2 degrees apart, each as bright as the full moon (KELT-4BC). Those two points would orbit each other every 30 Earth years, and every 4000 years, they’d make a complete orbit in the sky (that is, for 2000 years, they’d rise during the Summer and for 2000 years, they’d rise during the Winter).

Scientists Have A Crazy Plan To Halt Global Warming

With giant problems come giant solutions. But, pumping a vast volume of seawater to Antarctica to freeze it is insane.

Source: Earth System Dynamics

Earth – A Beautiful Planet

A touching trailer for NASA’s IMAX documentary, “A Beautiful Planet.”

The movie shows us what it’s like to live on the International Space Station. Many astronauts report feeling the “overview effect” in space and transformed their minds after seeing Earth from space. It leaves astronauts feeling awestruck and gives them a newfound appreciation for the world as a fragile planet that we share.

Filmed in space and narrated by Jennifer Lawrence, NASA’s hoping we feel that way, too — and possibly inspire us to do more to protect our only home in the solar system. It fittingly comes to theaters on April 29, celebrating Earth Day (April 22).

February breaks global temperature records by ‘shocking’ amount

Warnings of climate emergency after surface temperatures 1.35C warmer than average temperature for the month.

World’s first farm to grow food and fuel in the desert opens in Abu Dhabi

The world’s first research facility to grow both food and fuel has opened in the United Arab Emirates. Located on a 2-hectacre site in Abu Dhabi, the desert facility uses coastal seawater irrigation to raise fish and shrimp for food, while growing salt-tolerant plants that can be harvested to create biofuel.