What Happens To A Bowling Ball Under A Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press Channel is back again with one of his ‘fun’ tests

This time, he tested a bowling ball (and a less interesting bowling pin) with his hydraulic press machine. Watch the glorious explosion:

Don’t miss to watch if you can fold a paper more than 7 times with hydraulic press.

Honest Trailers – Batman vs. Superman

Help choose which Honest Trailer to make by choosing a side:

An Honest Trailer For ‘Batman’

An Honest Trailer For ‘Superman’

Via: Screen Junkies

How to start a fire with a lemon

YOU WILL NEED: A lemon, copper clips, zinc nails, some wire, and steel wool.

Honestly, if you forgot your survival spark, but remembered to take all above, you better don’t drink lemonade . Continue reading “How to start a fire with a lemon”


Fox Laughing Is What Pure Joy Sounds Like

This is Archer. Archer is a fox. Archer has the cutest laugh in the history of laughter.