Scientists Have A Crazy Plan To Halt Global Warming

With giant problems come giant solutions. But, pumping a vast volume of seawater to Antarctica to freeze it is insane.

Source: Earth System Dynamics

Watch 6000 Match Fire Domino

Keep watching (maybe you want to speed it x2) as HTD keeps filming the matches burn and wilt into a pile of kelp-and-licorice-looking husks.

Make Cocktails Look Appetizing With Some Clear Ice

Who said that you can’t have a beautiful clear-around ice in your drink ?

This video is proof that you can.

How YouTube’s ‘SciShow’ launched a real scientific investigation

Back in 2013, YouTube channel SciShow lesson brought viewers to Lake Hillier, an unusually salty lake with a bubblegum-pink hue located in Western Australia.

Three years later, the episode spawned a research project on its own. Researchers with the eXtreme Microbiome Project (XMP), launched a real scientific investigation and profiled the microbial life in Lake Hillier.

They found the algae in question that produces the red hues, but that the color of the lake primarily came from halobacteria and other extremophilic (extreme habitat-loving) microbes that are pinkish in color. The researchers also found a bacteria called Dechloromonas aromatica, which breaks down compounds in chemical solvents. The researchers believe this may be evidence of the lake’s history as a leather tanning station in the early 1900s.

Via: DailyDot

Robots Are Learning To Jog And It Is Terrifying


Two-legged robots, AMBER Labs have decided to make their human-like android do a very human like thing: jog – and yeah, it is terrifying to watch.

AMBER-Lab via Popular Mechanics

Man Pees On Kellogg’s Assembly Line

FDA investigates video of Kellogg’s worker relieving self on food. The video recorded in 2014 shows a man urinating on cereal coming off the factory assembly line, and Kellogg’s says Rice Krispies Treats were potentially affected.