Genius Way To Sell Bananas

This Supermarket’s Way of Selling Bananas is Pure Genius.

Whoever came up with this needs to be promoted.

E-mart in Korea is now selling the “One a Day Banana” pack, but each is at a different stage of ripeness.

This idea creates less waste. Customers might even be willing to pay more in order to not loathe themselves for buying bananas that will go off.

Posing For A Selfie With EgyptAir Hijacker. Seriously?!

The 26-year-old British health and safety auditor describes why he posed for picture while held hostage on flight MS181

EgyptAir #MS181 hijacker
Ben Innes from #Aberdeen poses for a picture with #EgyptAir #MS181 hijacker

Ben Innes says he posed smiling for a photo with a hijacker on board an EgyptAir flight to take “a closer look” at the apparent explosives belt, adding: “I figured if his bomb was real I’d nothing to lose anyway.”

I think not only Mustafa (the hijacker) is an idiot, this guy, Ben is an idiot too.

Where are the world’s happiest countries?


Denmark and Switzerland were closely followed by Iceland, Norway and Finland, according to the World Happiness Report Update 2016.

As for the Arab world, no surprises:

28. United Arab Emirates
34. Saudi Arabia
36. Qatar
38. Algeria
41. Kuwait
42. Bahrain
67. Libya
76. Somalia
80. Jordan
90. Morocco
93. Lebanon
98. Tunisia
108. Palestine (Occupation state of Israel rank 11)
112. Iraq
120. Egypt
130. Mauritania
133. Sudan
147. Yemen
156. Syria

Mathematicians Discovered Something Super Freaky About Prime Numbers

Mathematicians have discovered a surprising pattern in the expression of prime numbers, revealing a previously unknown “bias” to researchers.

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration

This color-coded chart traces the trajectories of every orbiter, lander, rover, flyby, and impactor to ever slip the surly bonds of Earth’s orbit and successfully complete its mission—a truly astronomical array of over 100 exploratory instruments in all.

Source: Pop Chart Lab


إن لمْ تَحصُل عَلىٌ ما أردْت يَوماً فلا تقُل :

مِن سوء حَظي !

بَل قُـــــــل :

لعَلّ اللّه أراد لي الأفْضَل