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A Newly Discovered Triple Sun Planet

How would the skies look like?

That triple-solar view isn’t the only weird thing you’d see happen overhead.

Astronomical Journal published the details of the discovery of this triple sun planet. Gizmodo talked with lead author of the paper Jason Eastman of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He sketched out a timeline for what that might look like, both over a few days or thousands of years:

You’d see the primary star about the size of your outstretched, splayed hand (about 40x the apparent size of our Sun). Your year and day would be the same: 3 Earth days, which means half of planet would be in continuous daylight and the other half would be in continuous darkness.

You’d also see two points of light about 2 degrees apart, each as bright as the full moon (KELT-4BC). Those two points would orbit each other every 30 Earth years, and every 4000 years, they’d make a complete orbit in the sky (that is, for 2000 years, they’d rise during the Summer and for 2000 years, they’d rise during the Winter).

James Webb Telescope: The largest science project in US government history

Precision? The Webb can detect heat generated by a bumblebee as far away as the Moon.

James Webb Space Telescope
The James Webb Space Telescope as it will appear in orbit. Photo: NASA

There is much information about the Universe that is invisible even to the Hubble Space Telescope—and that’s where NASA’s much hyped, two-decades-in-the-making, $8.8 billion-plus James Webb Telescope comes in. The Webb Telescope being built by NASA and its partners is a more direct successor to the Spitzer Telescope rather than the Hubble. In short, the Webb will open up a whole new world of infrared astronomy when it launches in 2018. The telescope will be able to capture images of the very first stars and galaxies, formed only 200 million years after the Big Bang.

Source: Ars Technic

10 amazing finds by the Hubble Space Telescope

In its third decade, Hubble Space Telescope is showing no signs of slowing down.

Take a look at some of Hubble amazing discoveries.

Stunning underwater images

Just using point-and-shoot camera, this award-winning underwater photographer makes stunning images. He’s pretty amazing on dry land too.

Via: Anuar Patjane Floriuk interview – Business Insider

Simulating The World (In Emoji)

With this tool you can simulate the world with emoji. You populate your world with things (represented by emoji), add a few rules about how those things interact, and boom, you’ve got yourself a little world.

Death Doesn’t Mean Goodbye

In a remote corner of Indonesia, the departed—and their corpses—remain a part of the family. “Torajans believe that people aren’t really dead when they die and that a profound human connection lasts well past death. Death for many Torajans is not a brick wall but a gauze veil. It is not a severing but just another kind of connection.” So that explains why, even after a person dies, they keep them around.

February breaks global temperature records by ‘shocking’ amount

Warnings of climate emergency after surface temperatures 1.35C warmer than average temperature for the month.

The Strange and Surprising History of Daylight Saving Time

The practice of moving our clocks twice a year is awash with colorful characters and strange-but-true tales.

39 Sites For FREE Amazing Stock Photos

List of awesome sites that have great stock images you can use for free. Most of the photos you will find on these sites are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. You can copy, modify, distribute and use for even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. However, some photos may require attribution. But they are all free to use.

Source: These 39 Sites Have Amazing Stock Photos You Can Use For Free

World’s first farm to grow food and fuel in the desert opens in Abu Dhabi

The world’s first research facility to grow both food and fuel has opened in the United Arab Emirates. Located on a 2-hectacre site in Abu Dhabi, the desert facility uses coastal seawater irrigation to raise fish and shrimp for food, while growing salt-tolerant plants that can be harvested to create biofuel.