Honest Trailers – Batman vs. Superman

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An Honest Trailer For ‘Batman’

An Honest Trailer For ‘Superman’

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Lincoln Navigator Concept

A massive, luxurious land yacht

A massive beast of an SUV, which is meant to give us a good idea of what the next-generation Navigator will look like. (Via: The Verge)

Watch 6000 Match Fire Domino

Keep watching (maybe you want to speed it x2) as HTD keeps filming the matches burn and wilt into a pile of kelp-and-licorice-looking husks.

Make Cocktails Look Appetizing With Some Clear Ice

Who said that you can’t have a beautiful clear-around ice in your drink ?

This video is proof that you can.

How YouTube’s ‘SciShow’ launched a real scientific investigation

Back in 2013, YouTube channel SciShow lesson brought viewers to Lake Hillier, an unusually salty lake with a bubblegum-pink hue located in Western Australia.

Three years later, the episode spawned a research project on its own. Researchers with the eXtreme Microbiome Project (XMP), launched a real scientific investigation and profiled the microbial life in Lake Hillier.

They found the algae in question that produces the red hues, but that the color of the lake primarily came from halobacteria and other extremophilic (extreme habitat-loving) microbes that are pinkish in color. The researchers also found a bacteria called Dechloromonas aromatica, which breaks down compounds in chemical solvents. The researchers believe this may be evidence of the lake’s history as a leather tanning station in the early 1900s.

Via: DailyDot

How to start a fire with a lemon

YOU WILL NEED: A lemon, copper clips, zinc nails, some wire, and steel wool.

Honestly, if you forgot your survival spark, but remembered to take all above, you better don’t drink lemonade . Continue reading “How to start a fire with a lemon”

Earth – A Beautiful Planet

A touching trailer for NASA’s IMAX documentary, “A Beautiful Planet.”

The movie shows us what it’s like to live on the International Space Station. Many astronauts report feeling the “overview effect” in space and transformed their minds after seeing Earth from space. It leaves astronauts feeling awestruck and gives them a newfound appreciation for the world as a fragile planet that we share.

Filmed in space and narrated by Jennifer Lawrence, NASA’s hoping we feel that way, too — and possibly inspire us to do more to protect our only home in the solar system. It fittingly comes to theaters on April 29, celebrating Earth Day (April 22).


Fox Laughing Is What Pure Joy Sounds Like

This is Archer. Archer is a fox. Archer has the cutest laugh in the history of laughter.

Superbugs, the antibiotic apocalypse explained

This video from Kurzgesagt is an explainer on antibiotics and superbugs (drug resistant bacteria).

A drone that draws

The MIT Media Lab’s “Flying Pantograph” is a pen-wielding tele-robot controlled by a drawing interface. From MIT’s Fluid Interfaces research group

How far back in time could you go and still understand English?

Trust me, it’s a bad idea.

Fortunately, Arabic seems to be in a better situation. Although modern day Arabic is different than the one spoken 14 century ago (the time of our prophet Mohammad), but almost everyone can read and “understand” Quran (the writing of the Quran was during the time of prophet Mohammad and it’s preserved until this very day).

Man Pees On Kellogg’s Assembly Line

FDA investigates video of Kellogg’s worker relieving self on food. The video recorded in 2014 shows a man urinating on cereal coming off the factory assembly line, and Kellogg’s says Rice Krispies Treats were potentially affected.